Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Number Game

Numbers have always been important and they remain so even today..only the ways in which their importance is made apparent changes...examples of the same that I recently came across.

1. Oh what a beautiful picture... how many likes did u get on facebook?

2. This is brilliant work but how many documents were you able to deliver?

3 . I had a wonderful birthday... 200 friends wished me!

All of these examples represent that in todays world unless numbers are on your side praise, quality and happiness are worthless.

That's how superficial we have become.


bookworm said...

I think some of this may be because our interactions have become visual (texts, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)- they used to be mostly auditory,shared with people in the same room as we were. Now, we post something on social media and want all those visual "likes".

Kathy Combs said...

That is so sad really! ♥

Kathy Combs said...
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Loudthinkin said...

I agree bookworm...In this age of social networking and instant messaging the social circle may be bigger but the bond shared may be weaker. A like cannot replace a warm hug or a few kind words.

Loudthinkin said...

Kathy, I know, it does sound sad :( but it's the truth.. People are known to get panic attacks when they are separated from their phones/internet for a long period!!??