Sunday, June 22, 2014

Converting a house into a fortress!!!

So today, I have this big task on my hands of converting my beautiful builder made appartment into a fortress.

Although the apartment complex has an exceptionally good security system with guards patroling the area round the clock but going by the crime rate in Delhi and areas around it, it's better to take nothing for granted.

So the apartment has these beautiful glass doors opening into ground floor balconies for 2 bedrooms and the living room. Sliding glass doors are a pretty sight however they make for an easy break-in for anyone with malicious ideas.

Therefore, the task on hand was to get iron doors fitted without compromising the asthetic effect of the glass doors. Solution?  Iron channels with collapsible grills. So that the grill could be collapsed to one end at times when a good view of outside was required and another advantage of this concept was that the grill required little additional space . After 2 days of workers toiling hard with drilling, smouldering and painting , the grills in my house are in place and can sleep more peacefully.

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