Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cycling in the Winter Chill

The first day of the month of November! The chill in the morning quite significantly broadcasted that the winters are officially here! It was beautiful foggy morning and a light jacket was required to feel comfortable. Just the perfect weather to cycle and enjoy a non sweaty,  vigorous ride! Here are some of the photos from the Sunday morning ride today!

Kilometers covered today: just round about 20
High point of the ride: the sunrise and fields full of marigold flowers

The ride was followed by coffee at a rider friends 20th floor apartment. Sipping coffee , while taking in the panoramic view from the 20th floor was indeed a treat after a blood pumping 20 kilometer ride! All in all a great start to a sunday morning :)

Cycling tip for the day: the cycle tyre air pressure range is written on the cycle tyre. Always use a gauge to ensure that the tyre pressure is above the lower limit. Appropriate tyre pressure helps in less effort while riding therefore the focus shifts from effort to enjoyment! Follow this tip to enjoy your ride to the maximum.