Friday, June 20, 2014

The Art of Living course

Self help books, motivational speakers and gurus are definitely great to read or listen to once in a while but if someone was to tell me that I needed to pay to hear what they had to say my prompt response would be.. that I don't need to be taught how to live.. I am doing good at it.

But then some friends had been lauding the 'Art of Living' course by Sri Sri Ravishankar for quite sometime and on a free weekend , I finally decided to pay up and join a 3 day course.

Even till the last minute prior to starting the course  I was not sure if I had made the right decision by accepting to be a part of it. Would it be a total loss of time and money?

In the end, I put my doubts away and decided to feed my need to experiment.

A group of people (7 of us) had all enrolled for the course and it was lead by a teacher trained by Sri Sri Ravishankar himself. Day 1 began with introductions and everyone giving their reasons for being a part of the course and what their expectations were from the course. My answers to these were fairly simple, 'I had heard a lot about the course so my curiosity was piqued and I wanted to learn the breathing /yoga techniques taught in the programme'. The reasons for which others were there varied from medical conditions such as anxiety to learning to meditate and relax to learning something new.

What followed was a very interactive course with philosophical discussions and learning of some good yoga and breathing techniques.

All in all it was an interesting course and a good learning experience and value for money!

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Nice post! I'm also going for Art of happiness program this monday. I could write about mine after that.

Loudthinkin said...

Hey, I am sure you will enjoy being part of the course . Do write about your experience :)