Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Homage to my favourite Sitcoms

Today while I was watching my favourite show on TV and laughing my guts out, I really felt that I needed to devout a post to my favourite shows. The shows which have made my evenings more lively, their characters whose sorrows and joys I  shared and above all, the episodes which lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face during the days I was feeling blue.

So the shows that I like best are primarily focused on comedy as their central theme. So I give you my 3 favourite shows and my favourite character I each one of them.

1. Big Bang Theory:
First I have to admit that it took quite a bit of convincing by a friend for me to start watching this series cause the name of the show was quite nerdy itself. Then it took a bit of time for the show to grow on to me cause i took time to get a hang of the type of witty educated humour but finally when it did grow on to me, it was like an unstoppable creeper. I love every bit of the show, the nerdy humour and the quirky characters. My favourite character is 'Sheldon Cooper' cause he is brilliant and cause he is not being funny at all at any point In the show but his weird idiosyncratic behaviour can make me double up any time.
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2. Friends:
I just fell in love with the show from Day 1. The characters are all so lovable and beautiful. Every character in the show has equal presence and makes the show complete. The light comedy that flows through each episode is intoxicating. It just keeps you addicted to the show.
My favourite character is a tie between Phoebie and Rachel. Phoebie because she gives the show an edge by bringing in the quirky angle and Rachel cause she is so spontaneous and has the most infectious laugh.

3. Sex And The City:
Other than the brilliant humour in the show which revolves around the lives of 4 beautiful  intelligent women living in a big city what I love about the show is it focus on fashion. My favourite character is Samantha Jones for her guts and because she loves and celebrates herself. Wish we all were as honest and as fearless as her.

So, which on


RANE said...

Great Post, Friends is my favorite sitcom hands down. Their quirky characters always lift my mood :-)

Joanna Sormunen said...

I love The Big Bang Theory, it just too hilarious and fun to watch! Sheldon Cooper is just an amazing character who's going to go to TV history.

Loudthinkin said...

Thank you Rane! I so love all the characters in Friends... can watch repeat shows anytime!

Loudthinkin said...

I couldn't agree more Joanna..that group of nerds can really have me in splits! ;)

Steve Grayson said...

We also like watching Sex and the City because of the humor you got from work and sx life.

Alysia Casteels said...

I love The Big Bang Theory but didn't get into the other two. My ex boyfriend, however, was crazy for Sex In The City O_O lol