Sunday, April 20, 2014

These are a few of my favourite things - my favourite cafe in Gurgaon

The magnificent concrete jungle that the milliniem city boasts off can get to you at times.. The numerous identical cafes in malls and other commercial spaces can be a bit monotonous with same decor and types of coffee  to offer. That is why when I discovered The Roots cafe I considered it quite a find and needless to say it quickly became my favourite spot in Gurgaon. Set in a park, it has been built to look like a shack, with jute drapes for walls which can be pulled up on pleasant days. The rustic appearence of this cafe with its cool and shady ambience is topped off by serving of beverages in earthen tumblers (khullards). Although the menu consists of few dishes rather than full course meals it is still better and more economical than any other cafe I have visited. It is one of my favourite places to begin my weekend with a lazy brunch.. the evenings here are even more magical as the paper lamps come alive...try it :)


Afshan Shaik said...

have stayed in GGN but never visited this place. looks like a quaint lil place and a good one

Loudthinkin said...

Hey Afshan..its been there for quite sometime but became popular once Zomato posted reviews on it.. its has its own spending time there :)