Wednesday, April 16, 2014

12 years a slave

This award winning movie really stirred my soul. Based on the true story of a free black American, the movie captures the mans picture perfect life in the state of New York to the misery and despair that he goes through on being tricked into slavery in another state of USA. The movie is an epic as it captures the uncertainty that life brings with it; the depths to which humanity, insensitivity, morality can fall; the profound helplessness and despair a man can feel thereby shaking his faith in God and making him lose all hope; and the level to which a man can allow his self respect to fall in order to survive.
What really touches ones heart is that how in an instant the man is pushed from his happy and perfect life in to the hell on earth of slavery. On having his freedom taken away from him , after being brought up as a freeman, no stone is left unturned by his multiple masters to break his self respect and dignity. His boundaries are pushed to the limit and this turn  in his life hurts him more as he knew how it felt to be a free man. His attempts to regain his freedom are thwarted repeatedly and the miseries around him keep on ever increading. After twelve years of living a life no better than that of an animal, he finally gets mercy from a stranger who helps him get his freedom back.
All characters play their roles to the T. It is cinema at it best. 

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