Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tackling depression without medication

There is always a phase in our lives when we feel that life has not be fair and God has been unkind. It can push us into depths of depression. When I had my days of uncertainty and pain , I realised that friends and family can help you tackle depression to an extent however most of all you have to help yourself. Painful thoughts paralyse you and it is as if a dense cloud has set it self o  your brain which stops to function. You crave to extricate yourself from this situation and long for hapiness again.

Help yourself:

1. Take a long walk.. just put on your shoes and start walking.. alone or with someone. Just get out of the your room , your house. Till the time you sulk in your room you won't think that it will benefit you but anyhow put on those shoes and move out. As walk,  admire the trees , the flowers , the birds, the wind on your face, the bright sun..notice all the things which you didn't give much importance to earlier... realise that these are the all important forces of nature.. take in their beauty and be happy to be an part of it.. keep walking.. be thankful for being a part of a beautiful day.

2. On getting back to your house, make a resolve to not let this day just go by.. do a small Lil thing if not big which you have not done in your life before. It could be a making a drink that you have never made before or baking a cake which you never cooked earlier. Read something new. Take a resolve, I need to grow,  I need to experience this life to the fullest.

3. Make new friends renew friendship with old ones.. yes, you have been so busy in your life that you just didnt have the time to keep in touch with your friends..yes, everybody is busy with their own lives... but there is always someone who values you.. God has already decided on that person ... that person is waiting you have to find that person. Spend more time with people who you have around you but don't talk to much.. go to them on your own.. let them know you love and appreciate the bond you share with them...remember the love you show to someone will come back to you in double the measure.

4. Do your good deed for the day: it could be as little as feeding a stray dog, taking an injured animal to the vet, being of help to the ones around you, helping at home, listening to someone who is suffering. Jot it down as your good deed of the day.

5. Exercise: get that heart pumping. It's your body.. you have to keep it fit till the time you have it. Don't give up. Set an example for others. It will take 6 months to come in to good shape if you take good care of your diet and exercise. Results start showing from the first one month itself.

These are some activities which helped me. I hope it benefits those who read this as well.

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