Saturday, September 26, 2015

Care for your environment - Cycle!

My current city, Gurgaon, has taken a huge step towards making the city ecofriendly! Following the World Car Free day which fell on a Tuesday ( 22 nd Sept 2015), the Traffic Police of Gurgaon has declared every Tuesday, each week a car free day.  The car free day basically means that every resident makes a conscious decision towards the mode of commuting. Every city resident choses a public mode of transport, either a bus, the metro or car pool but avoids driving solo around the city.

The first Car Free Day in Gurgaon saw a few resident participate with a lot of roads still clogged with traffic. But it was a start! I for one picked up my Merida (bicycle) and decided to cycle to work and back. It was a total ride of 50 kilometers. I started early in the morning at 6 am and avoided the peak traffic. The morning ride was a breeze however on my way back I came across peak traffic and the roads did not have any cyclists only lanes. But all in all it was a good day where I felt like a good samaritan who did her bit for the city and it's environment! Here are some of the clicks from my ride that day.

On the Highway early in the morning

Close to my destination

Blessed with Great Weather that day

So to all those people who are fed up of the traffic situation on the road, care enough for their environment and want to be fit but dont find time for it , pick up that bike which is catching dust in one corner of your house and make a lifestyle change now!


Kalliopi Sakellariou said...

Car free day?That's awesome.I wish my city's councelor would also say that!And girl you are powerfull!50 kilometers?Crazy!

lee rosales said...

Using bikes ia not juat good for our environment coz it doesnt emmit any pollution plus its a very good exercise

papaleng said...

How I wish that our country can observe or implement a car free day. This way, air pollution be lessened. Just asking, on regular days where cars are allowed, what is the Air index in your area?

Mia Foo said...

wow! is that empty highway a result of the implementation? that's awesome! if this were to be implemented in my country, i'm pretty sure it'll create many unhappiness in the people. :(

Little Miss Honey said...

Wow! A car free day sounds like a good idea.... I love that! A perfect day for biking and walking

stevevhan said...

I always consider getting myself a bicy cause aside from health benefits, this is also helps in saving mobey for fares. :) Sad that we have no bicycle lanes here in the Philippines!