Monday, September 21, 2015

Accessories which make a ride comfortable

Accessories which make a bike ride comfortable and fun are few basic ones! Mine just arrived! Here's a peak into my latest haul:
1. Btwin hand gloves - long rides can be tough on the palms. Holding onto  the handle bar for long can be painful. Gloves are a must for long rides.

2. Btwin padded shorts - being on the bike saddle for long can be uncomfortable no matter how good the saddle is. A good pair of shorts help!

3. A saddle bag to carry your bare minimum , keys, phone!

4. Good pair of shades for eye protection

Fastrack sport frames

5. Face Mask

6. Btwin Helmet - head protection

7. Last but not the least- My latest mouse pad for office computer
A constant reminder of how much fun cycling is cause it's a heady mix of exercise , being in the midst of nature and friends!

So this was the update on my accessories! I am fully prepared for long rides! Riding to my office to observe the World Car Free day tomorrow (22nd Sept 2015). We are responsible for our environment..let's make a change today!


Kalliopi Sakellariou said...

cycling is one of my favorite hobbies!loved your suggestions!I have to buy a bigger bag for sure!

Little Miss Honey said...

I love to share this list to my biker friends... This is very helpful

Karen Miriam said...

This reminds me so much of how I loved biking while I was younger. Such a great post. It has inspired me to go get some gears & renew my love for it.

stevevhan said...

Wow, this is something cool, we have to be really responsible of our environment. Riding one not just makes you fit but you can really help our environment. \

These are cool stuffs of you, congrats!