Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Heart Beats the Mind Again!

Sometimes life clasps you like a claw.
 Sometimes you have everything yet nothing.
Sometimes what is practical just doesn't make sense anymore especially to men with poetry in their souls.

I might be the phoenix which rose from the ashes but I can't fly again,

I might be the night that found a flame but there can't be any fire again,

I might be the lake which that has water from frozen ice again but there can't be any ripples again,

I am a man with no more poetry in my soul

This post is in remembrance of the Chinese factory worker who committed suicide because his life was not making sense to him anymore. He was a 24-year-old migrant worker in the southern Chinese city of Shenzen killed himself who jumped out of a window of a residential dormitory run by his employer, Foxconn, the huge electronics manufacturing company with a million-strong workforce that makes the majority of the world's Apple iPhones. His monotonous life got to him and this was evident in the poetry he wrote. This was probably the reason why he took this extreme step.

 A bit ov his soul stirring poetry...

He wrote, "Every time I open the window or the wicker gate/I seem like a dead man/Slowly pushing open the lid of a coffin."

We ran along the railway,
arriving in some place called ‘the City’
where we trade in our youth, and our muscle.
Finally we have nothing to trade, only a cough
and a skeleton nobody cares about.

Midnight. Everyone is sleeping soundly,
We keep our pair of young wounds open.
These black eyes, can you really lead us to the light?
‘Night Shift’

----------------------  May his Soul Rest in Peace  -----------------


Marc Teng said...

Inspiring blog post! More power to you!

Louise Banta said...

May his soul rest in peace. No wonder the poem was full of emotions. I kind of had goosebumps when I read he committed suicide.

Not that I'm proud of it but I did try to kill myself before too. Same feeling... I felt like my life was on hold and I'm not headed anywhere and I felt like everyone hates me, etc. I'm glad to have lived after what I tried to do to myself. I understood how important life is. Too bad he wasn't able to understand that. :(

Raymond Vasquez said...

This is why we need to find purpose in what we do. We can chase money and be successful at getting rich, yet find ourselves empty and broken.

The reason why I think people needs to find the purpose of their existence. Why are you in the universe?

Tiffany Yong W.T. said...

Sometimes, I feel that it takes courage to step out of that monotonous life one is in and get out to see the world. It is harsh to take your own life and hurt your loved ones. Although I don't know what he had to go through, it is still saddening

Jeni G said...

His poetry is good, I wish he had pursued that craft. Saddened by the fact that he committed suicide-he's very young.

JeniG Kalikotpepot

May De Jesus-Palacpac said...

That's so sad. I haven't heard ofthis one, but then again, I haven't been updated with the news. But kawawa naman. His poem pierces the soul. :(

Gillian Ong said...

Its very depressing to hear that he committed suicide. Hopefully he rests in peace

Fernando Lachica said...

Even though how hard life in this world, still, we have to find our way to survive. But taking our own life is not an option but a coward thing to do. I can write poems better when I'm hurt, gloomy or sad. In the first place, we are the one making our lives, everyone of us, so, we are created equal. It's up to you if you want a miserable one.

Katrina Centeno said...

It is still difficult to understand why people commit suicide. What we can do is show compassion and hope that people going through tough times may find comfort and peace through a friend, family or anything that will help them go through what they are feeling.

Franc said...

He sounds disturbs. I hope he finds peace in his death.

Khushboo Motihar said...

A life without purpose is drudgery. May that man's soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for his death but why didn't he try to change something that he was not satisfied with? He could have just quit, find joy in something he liked, but he did not have the courage to go on living. It takes strength and inner power to live. The poems are awesome. He could have become a famous poet.

Fred Hawson said...

Death should not have been the solution to a troubled life for someone so young. He certainly had a talent with words.

Suzanne said...

Hard to believe such beautiful words came from one so lost and lonely. His work will immortalize him..

Eliz Obih-Frank said...

What a sad end to a beautiful soul full of poetry. His poem made me very sad for a great life lost to the industrial machine.

Hina Naz said...

Life is not so easy going through. Very inspirational post

Phylicia Marie Pineda said...

His poetry is beautiful. It is too bad that this one only got popular post humously, since it got around only after his death. May he rest in peace.

Nicol said...

this is such a sad thing to read. inspirational poetry and hope it lives on