Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dying with Dignity

The moot question of  whether or not a person can hold the right to die as per their wish has been ignited once again. Should Euthanasia be allowed? Euthanasia refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering.

Brittany Maynard,  a 29 year old newly married woman from America, suffering from last stage brain cancer triggered shock and controversy when she recently publically declared that she would kill herself on November 1 of this year. She decided to move from her home state of California to Oregon to fulfil this wish.

However at present she has not taken that drastic step and has said that she may wait a little longer. Her youtube video where she mentions plans for her death very candidly has had millions of views . She shares  her plans to die in her Oregon bedroom.

Some people have cheered her  while others have decried her decision and the debate on whether terminally ill should be able to decide how and when to die continues. Oregon is the first state in USA which approved the Death With Dignity law in late 1990s which gives people with months to live the right to access lethal medication. Other states in USA which approved similar laws were Washington and Vermont.

Euthanasia debate always deserves mention of Dr. Jack Kevorkian(1928-2011). He was an american pathologist who helped over a 100 people to physician assisted suicide(mercy killing). He was caught in this regard and charged with second degree murder and had to serve 8 years of prison sentence. His patients probably regarded him as a saint however in the eyes of law, he was on the wrong side.

Dr. Jacob(Jack) Kevorkian
Photo courtesy : Wikipedia

The question remains. ..if we don't have the right to chose our birth can we chose our death? or if we can't chose our birth at least can we can have the right to chose our death? Should we give up our faith in superior powers and miracles?


Franc said...

There are a lot of ethical dilemmas when it comes to euthanasia. Both sides has valid points.

Louise Banta said...

I'm not a religious type of person but I believe that the life given to us is God's will. Only He can decide when we will be born and when we will die.

Honestly, I've committed suicide before. Not that I'm proud of it but just sharing the experience. I thought that ending my life would make everything lighter but after surviving it, you know what I felt? I FELT STUPID.

Killing yourself is very selfish.

Thanks for this post. It gave me an idea to post about my experience.

Again, I strongly believe no one has the right to kill himself or herself. They are still alive for a reason - even if they are suffering. It means their mission on earth is not yet fulfilled.

Raymond Vasquez said...

I will always believe on will. If it's the will of the person to fight for life to live, he should live, but if he wants to say, goodbye, he should be given the as requested. :-)

Euthanasia, is a debatable topic though. :-)

Tiffany Yong W.T. said...

I thin Euthanasia should be allowed in the condition where the patient is terminally ill, will no possible cure, suffering badly and mentally sane at the point of time when she/he made the decision. The family members should be around too to provide their support.

Beth - Musing Housewife said...

It is considered inhumane to allow an animal to suffer, but perfectly humane to allow a human to suffer in pain?

The euthanasia debate is one that is fought vehemently on both sides. It is a very difficult thing to decide upon morally.

If I knew I was going to die a painful, drawn-out death I would want the decision to avoid that to be in my hands!


Anonymous said...

I feel for this young woman and the pain she has gone through knowing the end of her physical life is near. So I can understand her fear of dying in unbearable pain and her decision. I think everyone should be given the right to decide for himself because we all have free will after all.

Cindy Gestiada said...

This has always been a debatable topic. I agree with Franc, both sides have valid points.As for my opinion, it is better to let go of someone than keep him to suffer more.

JeniG Kalikotpepot said...

I agree with @Franc- so many ethical dilemmas involved with euthanasia and with that new-death with dignity law. I'd personally go with what is more humane, according to my conscience.

Latifah Abdur said...

I followed this story as when I first seen it published in people magazine. I agree with dying with dignity and I think in specific case where people are suffering a terminal illness/disease or anything of that nature they should have the choice to die on there on terms. Thank you for sharing this post if makes us continue to think of not only of the right to death but encourages us to live life to the fullest.

Phylicia Marie Pineda said...

I actually have no problems with her decision. The pain from cancer is really unbearable, and I think her loved ones would have wanted her to choose to leave peacefully than watch her suffer more.

Priscilla Yeo said...

People choose to die because they do not have courage to live.

We struggle to hold on, we struggle to let go.

I always believe those who still postpone the idea of dying and waking up everyday to their daily lives are the most courageous of all.

However, I am in no position to judge.
I can only say, she took the courage to face her God in her judgement days.
Bless her soul.

Sin Yee said...

This question always have lots of arguments. Seriously, I can't stand for any side since both have their own points of view.

John Benliro said...

I am actually searching for words and as to which side I am in. Honestly, it pains me to see people who are suffering. They can certainly decide some for their lives. At the end of the day though, there is someone who holds full control of ourselves. I don't think we have control over our lives. Just my two cents.

SlickMaster said...

Tough issue to deal with, to be honest. This involves both moral and legal aspects.

It's like at the end of the day, which would really matter: your entire life our choice in life?

I can't take a straight answer for this.

Fred Hawson said...

I work in a hospital so I see life and death situations. Sometimes I see a dying person, and think how I would react in such a painful and hopeless situation. Would I rather just die and end it all, or live uselessly and waste my family's money? For my religious beliefs though, I can only wait for my death as God willed it.

Lorenzo Caballes Jr said...

Euthanasia is a pretty serious issue. I myself could not put a finger on it. But my personal view says that I am not for it as I believe that life is a gift and that it must be appreciated. But then again, I can't also judge people who opt for it because they have their reasons only then can fathom.

Eliz Frank said...

Sadly, Brittany did follow through and take her life. I'm for letting life take its natural course.

lakwatserongunggoy said...

This has been a big debate between ethics/morality versus freewill. Both sides had good stands. Actually for my opinion, I am not in favor practicing this kind of process. But maybe, just maybe, their could be this something that might trigger myself and might argue with my beliefs for some reason.

Miss `Chievous said...

I've been following her story ever since her first video went viral. I don't think we have the right to choose our death. It's a little like suicide. :(