Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Three Doggy Musketeers

They might be adopted but they made our family so very proud.
They make each day so much more special with their crazy antics and unconditional affection.

Scooby, a spitz and the eldest of the lot is almost 13 years old now and is slowing down a bit. He was quite a furry ball of energy in his hey days and did not know a thing about anger management. But he has become wise with age.


Molly and Bruno , 4 and 2 years respectively are a mother-son duo, who have a never ending appetite  (they eat anything that can be had) and never ending love which just flows and flows out of them.


Can't get enough of Molly ' s soulful eyes, Bruno ' s crazy antics and scooby ' s Nakra! Life would be so incomplete without these angels in my life.


Eli Z said...

Aahhh- they are all so beautiful - unconditional love from the best friends there is right:-)

Loudthinkin said...

Thank you Eli:) they are adorable and yes they are ready to take a hug and give a Lick anytime !!