Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Power play: Indian democracy is alive and well

The pomp and show with which the  cabinet of India's new government was sworn in was indeed fun to watch and  filled me with pride and much expectation about good change to come. It was the most appropriate ending to a fiercely fought campaign for elections as the melodrama surrounding the election continued and kept everyone hooked.

It was interesting to see that a concerted effort has been made to increase women representation in the cabinet with some stalwarts and some rookies being included to make up to 25% of the strength.

Also, it was amusing to see India's first political family being so divided between two most important parties.Wives and children of the two sons of the Gandhi family battling out against each other to gain political hold. The political dynastic drama unfolding on the Rashtrapati Bhawan stage was entertaining indeed.

The melodrama, controversies, promises continue and keep me enthralled...waiting for more

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