Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dragons of Slovenia

Slovenia might be a tiny country in the European continent but its rich in folklore and local legends. The confirmation of that can be seen in the fact that the dragon statue can be found atop a number of buildings,bridges ,coats of arms in the capital city of Slovenia i.e., Ljubljana. The local legend has that ,Slovenia was terrorised by a Dragon ,who had made the place inhabitable because if his atrocities. A brave man from Greece,Jason, who was passing thru Slovenia killed this dragon by stuffing his nostrils with bones of people he had killed and chaining his mouth so that he could not bellow out his hot breath. The dragon was in a drowsy state when Jason did this to him and on awakening he was distraught on feeling suffocated  and not being able to blow out the his breath.
He then flew up in the sky and the hot fire inside of him made him blow up. This is supposed to be the first show of fireworks witnessed by people of Slovenia.

The landmark point of Slovenia is the dragon bridge. Which has dragon statues on either side of the bridge.the legend goes that when a virgin crosses the bridge,the dragons wag their tales.

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