Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Rain ride!

The Thunder God was exceptionally generous on Gurgaon today! It's been raining cats and dogs since last night. My biking buddies were not sure whether we will be doing a ride in the morning today cause of the treacherous weather but the Rain God was smarter. It was all clear when we started out at 6.15 in the morning but a few kilometers into the ride , when it was too late for us to turn back,  it started to rain heavily.

Clear skies when we started out

On the way

The rain Gods sending their army in

Pit stop for chai at a local pawn shop. The locals warming themselves up by lighting a fire as the rain comes in and it gets a bit chilli.

Drenched in the rain

Scary Sky
Rode for 25 kilometers during which half of the time it rained. But that didn't deter us. We continued forward as the rain pelted down on us. Horrible as it may sound but the truth was that it was an amazing experience. I had mud all over me by the time we got to our mid way destinition but riding in the rain was pure pleasure.

Stopped at a resort for some hot tea and breakfast.

By the time we reached midway and stopped for breakfast , the sun was up and smiling at us again. We sat out in the gardens , soaked in the sun and leg those drenched clothes dry up. 

The ride back was eventless and smooth . A new buddy had joined us and we had to stop a couple of times to make sure her could catch up. But kudos to him, he did not give up.

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