Saturday, May 30, 2015

Grilling the Summer!

Okay peeps..its getting hot hot hot here in north India! May has been excruciatingly painful with the number of cases being treated for heat stroke and constant warnings to corporates to cut on electricity consumption steadily rising  ! The mercury has touched a whopping 45 degrees.

I watched  the movie MAD MAX FURY recently and the whole concept of the movie  i.e., wars in the future for water as most of the cultiviable land turns into desert on earth and water becomes scarce, makes sense. An out and out action flick, it was a pleasure to watch it in a 3D theatre and there could not have been a better time for its release than the months of peak summer. Oh wait, June is going to be worse! But the met department is predicting that the thunder Lords might be a little generous and we may get a few showers in June! At least a few days with a couple of degrees less on the mercury barometer!

Summers may be painful but the optimist in me has decided to dedicate this post to the good I see in summers!

First and foremost I have to begin with food! Nothing gives more happiness than a swelled,  hyperglycemic tummy.

The juicy , sugary fruit that I relish i.e., watermelons, mangoes and litchi are summer delights!

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Second,  It only seems fair to bring up exercise after talking about food..

What I love about summers is that I can swim like a mermaid. It's just so relaxing to be in the pool on a hot day and it is such good exercise for the whole body! Just perfect for losing those extra pounds that were put on in the winters plus if you have a nice pool , all the more nicer..
Nothing like watching the starry sky while creating ripples in the water at night.

Third is a passion that I can fully exercise in summers i.e.,to paint and smother my hands with colour. I love to paint with oil colours and winters is  not a very supportive season for this activity as it takes days for a painting to dry. So here are some of my experiments..

I know I am not quite there yet but if I keep on it , it can only get better.

Fourth, includes travel. The best part about summer travel is planning a trip to the mountains to enjoy the weather there. A few days away from the scorching heat and in the serenity of the mountains can indeed bolster confidence to face the rest of the summer with a smile! Indeed the trip I planned this year was memorable.. a sweet 10 days off work and into the curvaceous hilly streets of Himachal.

A cup can be viewed as half full or half empty! Choice
 Is yours!


Arpita Mohanty said...

One thing I dont miss about India is the scotching Summer heat...But I do miss Mangoes and lots of Lassi stalls <3

Kalliopi Sakellariou said...

I totally agree with you!!!!Good food is the only thing I want to be happy!xoxo!

Little Miss Honey said...

These are great tips! Here in Singapore it is quite hot also... Havent watch that movie the Mad Max Fury

eLaNaKcL said...

So true. Foods can make our day better and happier. Other than that, think positively and everyday will be a good one. :D

Dawn GT said...

Mad Max was super awesome! I am thinking aout going again! LOL


Anonymous said...

these are great tips on what to do during summer. having fruits is good for health which won't make us dehydrated.