Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cycling Diaries

A bicycle which I had bought in order to explore my neighbourhood better turned out to be hobby which offers me much more!

A few initial solo rides around the neighbourhood did familiarise me with places that I had not noticed earlier but it also got me to meet a group of cycling enthusiasts who love to travel long distances on bicycles.

Over a few weeks of cycling around with this group , helped me meet some really fine people, made me learn a lot about gear bicycles and how to use them and also about the basic essentials that you need to carry when cycling long distance.

Today, I was very pleased with myself as I completed a 27 kilometer ride with the group. We started out early in the morning at 6 am and rode at a leisurely pace , stopping midway for a piping hot cup of tea and great conversation at a road side stall.

Points to keep in mind while cycling:

1. Always wear a helmet - riding on  roads with moving traffic requires that you protect yourself from any accidental injuries
2. Eye protection - shades or glasses are a must to prevent any foreign object from entering the eye.
3. A water bottle to keep yourself hydrated
4. A small emergency pump and flat tyre kit to fix a tyre while cycling.
5 . A first aid kit.
6. A good knowledge of gears to be applied according to the terrain on which you are cycling.
7. Light clothes, preferably cottons to absorb all sweat.
8. Eat a little snack before heading off for a long ride. Bananas are a instant energy booster!
9. Start early, so that you can avoid the scorching hot sun!
10. Preferably,  be on roads with less traffic and lot of trees

Indeed, with these precautions riding can be a fun hobby to pursue and keep yourself healthy and fit!!


Mia Foo said...

27km ride?! wow! how long did that take you and did it give you bodyaches after?

Hey its me gautam said...

Hi DrShilpa.

Day by day am getting motivated to do cycling and see i came to the cycling capital of the world to do cycling :)

Little Miss Honey said...

I would love to go cycling one of these days... I am contemplating in buying a bike.. Your tips keep in mind when cycling are very useful in the future

Dawn GT said...

this is a cool post! Love the pics. thanks so much for sharing.


Fatemah Sajwani said...

I love how you added a few pointers in the end. I love cycling.

Ling Tan said...

I recently bought a bike too - heck we bought 4 bikes for the whole family! Have been exploring the park connector network in Singapore and loving it!