Thursday, March 19, 2015

Driving Home A Ford!

So finally I have graduated from a sedan to a SUV! I am the proud owner of a sporty,  sleek and elegant vehicle by FORD, The Ford Ecosport!

Ford launched this vehicle in India in 2013 and since then it's been reigning the roads! I had my heart set on it for a long time now and when my company put out an attractive offer to buy cars on a company lease policy with tax benefit,  I jumped on the oppurtunity.

The hulk of a vehicle comes in a number of colours and I was in a fix between Mars red and pearl white for my own car. Finally I decided on the pristine white as it made the car look bigger and better.

My first experience of taking the car out for a drive made me feel absolutely fabulous! It offers and extremely smooth drive, an easy to handle gear box, good road clearance not to forget it's quite a head turner on the road!

I'm Love the high quality music system, height adjustable driver's for seat and steering wheel among the multitude of features that this car has!

Indeed, driving has just become a whole lot more fun for me now!


Asti Astii said...

have you changed your layout blogspot dear? I got some different layout here. well, Ford is my thing, but it's on my wish list ^ ^

Loudthinkin said...

Hey Asti,my layout is still the you feel,I can improve it further..please do give suggestions!

Fatemah Sajwani said...

Wow dear I am so proud of you! Congrats!

Dawn GT said...

you go girl!!!!!


Ms KathyKenny said...

You just became my life peg. Amazing! I wish that I can say the same thing a year from now.

Hey its me gautam said...

I am really happy for you. may be you can give me ride sometime.

Karen Miriam said...

You go girl!! So proud of you. Setting your mind to something and sticking to it till you achieve it.