Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Magical Monday/11

Mondays are full of madness! Mondays for most people brings out the colour blue (Monday Blues). But like so many things, is it just a figment of our imagination? So if we change our attitute, is it possible to change Manic Monday into Magic Monday? What if we feed it into our system that Monday will be a grand day? It will be a day when our energy levels will be the higest because we will be refreshed after a break and that we will start a new week with zest and high spirits! What if we tell ourselves at the start of the week that this week we will be unstoppable, be a powerhouse and race ahead,  could it change things? I believe it could :)

And believing is the first step towards changing things for good !! :)

This is my 11th  post in the Magical Monday series of inspirational stories aimed at motivating us to bring out our best on the first day of the week! 

Today my post is not about just one person but a group of persons who dare to be different and are ready to push the envelope to experience something new and different.

In our day to day life we worry about petty things and lose out on precious moments. Here's a group of people who have risen above these trivial pursuits to achieve something rare. These people have been selected to be a part of a mission to Mars , the Mars One Mission but here is the catch, the mission only provides a one way ticket to mars. Selected from more than 200,000 applicants, the 50 men and 50 women are a step closer to taking part in the one-way mission. 

The top 10 candidates in this mission are:
1. Christian O Knudsen
Age: 34
From: Denmark
2. Mikolaj Zielinski
Age: 38
From: Poland

3.Josh Richards
Age: 29
From: Australia

4.Etsuko Shimabukuro
Age: 50
From: Japan 

5.Dianne McGrath
Age: 45
From: Australia

6. Steve Schild
Age: 30
From: Switzerland

7. Ryan MacDonald
Age: 21
From: United Kingdom 

8.Lennart Lopin
Age: 36
From: Germany, living in US

9.Robert P Schröder
Age: 27
From: Germany 
10.Joanna Hindle
Age: 42
From: Canada 

This human expedition will take place in 2024. The Dutch not-for-profit organisation is raising money to fund this trip and the participants do not have to pay. 
 Missions are planned beforehand to do vital groundwork before the first human expedition takes place. In 2018, a lander would be sent to the planet as a trial-run for technologies that the real mission will need. That will be accompanied by a communications satellite to beam messages back and forth. In 2020, an “intelligent” rover is sent to Mars, along with a trailer. The rover’s job is to scope out a good landing site, far enough north for the soil to contain a good amount of water, but equatorial enough to get plenty of sunlight. Two years after that, in 2022, six cargo missions head off for Mars. They include another rover, two living units and two life support units. These land near the first rover, which tows them into position and sets up solar panels to power the units. The life support unit is meant to produce a breathable atmosphere in the habitat, 3,000 litres of water, and 120kg of oxygen kept in storage.

The second crew will leave in 2026.
I am so in awe of all these people who are willing to risk everything , even their lives for something new and challenging. I think this takes a lot of courage and so immensely inspiring. Would you be able to take part?


Hina Naz said...

These are risk taking people. Seems interesting. I wish I could be the one of participant. How lucky they are !! But we have to wait till than 2024 aww long time. Hope all things will be happened with good end

Cindy Tong said...

wow very brave and motivating of these ppl!!!! good luck!

Nanda Reis said...

I still don't know how I feel about this whole thing! A very touchy subject I guess.. but very interesting!

Raymond Vasquez said...

So now this is for humanity's sake? We'll see by 2020, 2024, 2026.. Quite a plan they have there. But we'll see.

Tiffany Yong W.T. said...

Wow, it makes my heart pound thinking about the danger they will be in travelling to space. I don't think I will ever dare to do that!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Inspiring and these participants are very brave. All the best to them.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I'm very curious on what will happen to those people who will be sent. They are courageous and bold to partake in such once-in-a-lifetime huamn expedition/adventure. This will change history forever.

Priscilla Yeo said...

"Some things are worth dying for..."
Either they make it or they die.
It is pretty extreme, I doubt I will dare to do it on the expanse of my life.

But other small, less riskier things that I want to acheive, then, probably yes, I will risk many things just trying to achieve it.

Phylicia Marie Pineda said...

Wow, there's already a plan in place, they just need funding! Question though, how is it a one way trip? Is there really no hope for return?

Anonymous said...

I really wondered about these people while watching a documentary on TV about the mission. Aren't they scared to participate? What makes them so desperate to leave the earth and risk their lives? Still can't answer these questions myself. I would never go, it is so dangerous.

Franc said...

I think they are really bold to take on this mission. They are also the lucky ones as they would be at the front row seat when something groundbreaking happens.

Eliz Frank said...

I think it's kinda scary and even silly that people want to take a one way trip to nowhere. Oy! We shall see if it would actually happen. Have a magical day!

papaleng said...

Seems an interesting challenge for those brave individuals who accepted it. May luck shines on them.

Dannea said...

I'm all for Magic Monday! Gives us a head start to do the best we can for the week. Oh and I'm also following the Mars One Mission developments, those people are truly inspiring to me. The call of adventure, exploration, discovery and wanderlust must be very strong in them.

Fred Hawson said...

This is an event going to happen ten years from now. I wish I will still be here to witness such a historic space expedition. This is science fiction finally coming to reality. Hope this succeeds.

Mia Foo said...

the courage it takes to want to venture into mars! but i can't help but notice that shimabukuro is already 50 years old and by 2024, she's (since the name is etsuko, i assume shimabukuro is a lady) will be almost 60 years old? will it be easy for her then?

Ron Leyba said...

This will be a ground breaking project. KUDOS to all participants for having the courage to get that one way ticket to MARS!

Alissa said...

I wanan go toMars too! These people are so brave. They took their wanderlust to another level!

Cebuana Mom said...

Truly amazing and I admire their commitment and dedication. Can't imagine leaving my family behind to go on an unknown journey.