Thursday, June 26, 2014

A thin line separates genius from insane

This blog post is inspired by the most horrific yet amusing act of FIFA world cup 2014. In the heat of a match between Uruguay and Italy, Uruguay striker Luis Suarez allegedly bit an Italian player (Chiellini). He literally sank his teeth into Chiellinis shoulder thus bringing the toll of human bites by him to a total of 4 in football tournaments! The media was abuzz with excitement over this controversy thus bringing about some interesting observations:

- Luis Suarez was labeled the 'Hannibal Lecter' of football
- It was said that he has a taste for all parts of the body
-His face was morphed on the movie poster of 'Jaws'
- His strange behaviour was attributed to a difficult childhood
- he was said to given Chiellini a hickie

 All of these amusing observations were made about the event as such a behaviour was completely out of line by a world class player as per our social standards.

But to be world class, one of the best, a person had to have a little more...A little more emotions, a little more zeal, a little more desire, a little more genius...and sometimes only a thin line separates genius from insane. In that borderline state, the insane part may become obvious in states of high emotion.

All of us have an element of insanity in us. Some of us have learnt to control our emotions so well so as to lead a robotic life. . but we are meant to be emotional.. and sometimes the only way to cut lose is to vent out all the emotion and release the baggage...

So my sympathies are with Mr Suarez, who is a fine player and who certainly loves football to the level of insanity..

Instead of a ban from football, maybe a muzzle would be more appropriate punishment ;)

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unraveling dreams said...

Ha ha..poor thing has been banned from the world cup.. enjoyed your post!

TripsTheRiderOnTheStorm said...

I agree, a muzzle is a better punishment!

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha - omg - what a drama! Nicely put!:-) My little nephew - a dedicated Liverpool fan is in deep mourning over his big hero... Oh my - crazy!

Loudthinkin said...

I know, it was pretty crazy... but it spiced up the football scene so much;)The punishment meted out to him was bit too harsh.. too bad he can't play ahead in the tournament.

Unknown said...

It is a pity he was banned especially considering his overwhelming passion! Your solution is hilarious. Reminds me of the guy on Con Air that they put a muzzle because he killed all these people then ate his victims. :)

Loudthinkin said...

Ha ha... you are right Kathy! Now that you remind me, the muzzle has already been tried on humans with a propensity to bite! ;)